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Kapture: Perpetually Recording Your Entire Life

There are two problems with capturing candid moments on film: First, people are camera conscious and become more reserved so as not to be featured on the next episode of (insert embarrassing reality TV show here). Secondly, you can only capture great moments when you are pressing the “record” button, making them extremely rare. Candid moments are elusive gems of Internet content.  So how do we capture more candid content more frequently? The dream is a perpetually recording audio device that you wear on your wrist and tap to save the previous 60 seconds of your life. It’s called Kapture.

Kapture is a wearable technology concept which is an “always-on wristband (that) allows you to save & share the last 60 seconds so you never miss a moment.” The stylish wristband comes with a mobile app, which stores all of your saved moments for cropping, editing, and sharing. Did your kid say something funny? Send it to your wife. Did you have a great idea while driving? Save it for later. Do you want to hear what your friend experienced in the stadium when your favorite football team won in overtime? You get the idea.

The wristband has a fun and modern design to fit into your lifestyle. Kapture is minimal is in aesthetics and comes in five colors: green, red, yellow, black, and white. It is worn like a watch but has no “face”, which give a mysterious “fashion from the future” feel. But when people ask you what it does you will have a great story.

Kapture is currently on Kickstarter starting at $99 and has raised nearly half of its $150,000 goal. I would love to see this product come to market as it has some incredible implications for recreation, business, and news media.

Tell us in the comments: How do you think Kapture could be used to enhance your life?


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